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I was so encouraged to see God working today in my patients life that I just had to share.

I have a patient who is Jewish. About 2 weeks ago we had a good discussion about faith and how he believed Christ wasn't the messiah. Ive been praying for him since our conversation on how to better reach him with the gospel. This past Tuesday I had a new patient that was a Messianic Jew! (What are the odds?) This patient gave me so many resources and said he'd be happy to talk to the other patient because he's made it his life's work to bring Jews to Christ. Today God worked it out so incredibly that while treating the Jew, the Messianic Jew happened to pass by the clinic and handed the front desk an insurance paper. Anyways I asked them if they would be willing to talk and they spent 40 mins in the clinic gym just discussing and searching the scriptures. It was incredible to listen to how Christ fulfilled the old testament prophecies and the wealth and richness of the Jewish culture. I wish I could have taped it. All this to say, please pray with me for this patients salvation. I can't share his name due to privacy. But he left very deep in thought! I told him today is the day of salvation!

Katie H
Misty Graham
15 aug. 2023

What a wonderful example of Gods greatness. 🙏😊



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