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Isaiah 30:18. As I read this my thought was "I don't recall the scripture as saying that the Lord waits". Usually He is telling us to be still and wait. The Psalms are rich in teaching us to "wait upon the Lord". But when we error from the path of his will, He now waits!! So Yes!! The Lord will wait as to be gracious to us.. He is waiting, until the trouble or trial or even disaster that we have brought on ourselves has taught us the foolishness of the Choice that took us so far away. When we do return, after we have learned and repented, He promises He will give us the rain, fertility, prosperity, and healing we need so desperately from him. He again will be our defender and our Rock. All along he was only wanting us to throw away our idols and distractions. He was merciful in His waiting and is now ready to bless us again according to His will.

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