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God's Grace expressed to us...

What do we do with it? How do we respond to it? Simply learn to say "yes Lord" .

We can get so focused on the truth that we are saved from hell that we lose track of the fact that he has given each of us our own assignment.

We are saved, now what? Should we continue to live and focus on our life? This is what our culture tells us...

That we can get our kids in the best school.

We want our kids to make the best travel baseball, soccer or volleyball team.

We get the right car with the right emblem on it.

We can shop at the preferred furniture stores.

And finally seeking, but never acheiving, a fully funded 401K.

These are deceptions of the ruler of this world and can consume us, and thus distract us with such a busy-ness life style, that we miss the 2nd part of God's Grace... be ye Sanctified.

The highlighted scripture above from Titus 2, clearly shows us that after the grace of Salvation, that very same Grace of God Teaches us that, denying ungodliness and worldly lusts, that we should live soberly, righteously and godly to this present world... Yes, we should let God's Grace show us how to Be blameless in our words, actions and conduct to the world around us, giving anyperson, (family, neighbor or co-worker) anyone unsaved a reason to point at us.

These Grace's are tough, but they can be done through the power of the indwelling spirit in us, and really, they are not choices, they are required to have a truly blessed life(vs 13) in our Lord and not of our own works.

Some add'l References...

1 Tim 6:9,

Gal 5:16-17,

1 Pet 2:11-12

Acts 20:22-24, This is Paul giving up the life that he had, all his freedom, his final assignment that he knew the spirit was calling him to do. Everyone around him, yes spiritual people, had told him not to go, that persecution would happen in Jerusalem. Although we in our nature want to know the outcomes before we step in faith, Paul only knew his assignment was to go to Jerusalem, and that the Spirit only told him that hardship was going to await him. He did not know what else awaited after that. But we know the rest of the story, he sat in prison for 2 years and eventually was put to death.

Put to death is extreme, this is only showing that when the spirit of God gives us our assignment we shouldn't look back and only look forward, not knowing the whole picture, but can know that in the end we will hear "Well done!"

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