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I spoke with Pastor Welker about this already. My homeschool support group is teaming up with Tent City on January 5 to make bags for the homeless. If you'd like to donate supplies, it would be greatly appreciated! Please make sure the supplies are given to me by no later than January 4!

Specifcally mentioned supplies:

Tarps (to keep dry and warm)

Mens socks

Non-perishable snack foods that don't require utensils

Tuna in foil pouches

Protein bars

Granola bars

Gallon ziplock bags

Hand sanitizer

Bug spray

Tents are also in desperate need

Pretty much what can fit in 1 gallon sized bag. Each person at the shelter will receive a gallon bag of snacks and supplies.

The kids will also be making encouragement cards for the homeless too. We can put tracks in the cards.

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