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📣 Announcement time! 📣

  1. We will wait for one more week to get back to our 9am Bible study/Sunday school hour (starting the 22nd). This will give everyone the chance to make extra sure that they are not contagious with anything. 😅

  2. We are planning to celebrate the Lord’s supper at 5pm on Sunday, Aug 29. Both elements will be individually portioned.

  3. On Sep 5 (Labor Day Sunday), we will be having a missions update during the 9am hour with the Devkotas. Then Bro. Akin will be preaching in the 10am service, followed by our potluck. No evening service that day.

  4. The next week is the 12th…anniversary Sunday! 🥳 Join us for “The Next Step.” Ethan LeCroy will be bringing the Word all three services, as well as Monday and Wednesday nights at 6:30.

Be sure to plan ahead—you don’t want to miss anything!

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