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Good morning. On the continuance of brother Jonathan's Sunday message and Wednesday's testimonies I feel compelled to share my heart and to challenge us all...

Read EPHESIANS 1:1-18...

Vs 4, God chose us.

Vs 10-11, Christ saved us.

Vs 13, Spirit seals us.

Vs 17-18, now All 3 call us to riches untapped.

An elderly couple lived in an old trailer on 5 acres all of their days. Struggling each day and month over the years to just get by. Upon both their passing a huge amount of coal and jewels are found on their property. Enough to reward a lifetime and many more generations to follow. All along they were sitting on top of untapped wealth, but chose poverty. Sadly many christians live their life like this couple in a spiritual sense. They have distilled their life down to only 2 basic parts, God save me and I'll be in heaven one day enjoying eternal pleasures.

Spiritually poor christians have never seen the riches of God's Grace for this life or even asked the Lord to enlighten their hearts with his revelation of wisdom and a calling for this life. Nor to be bold in invoking a deeper love to those around us in their circle of influence.

True riches are not in our home location, car maker label, 401k balance or brand of phone. But by God's Grace, a Christian already has all the Riches needed for today and into eternity. We have Christ's righteousness, forgiveness of sin, adoption into God's family. And now the indwelling power of the Holy Spirit to go and speak truth all the rest of our earthly days, with confidence and without fear.

We are joint heirs with Christ, so we have all of God's riches of joy, love, and peace beyond understanding. We can have all these each and every day, why wait until eternity! Let us Pray each and every morning for the Lord to show us a dying soul, that he has prepared the heart of, for us to give our testimony and hope we have in eternity. A person once said... You cannot own your salvation until you share it with someone. Matthew 28: 19,20!!!

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